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Individual Creators

YouTube Partner Program

Upon joining our Network our team of experts will conduct a thorough analysis of its parameters, settings and performance. This analysis is usually followed by a personal or virtual meeting where we introduce our recommendations and try to find a joint strategy for the channel to improve in every aspect.
In addition to the chat support that YouTube introduced lately, we are in close contact with a support team and frequently communicate issues that are beyond the support capabilities available to creators through the YouTube Studio. We also consult the individual needs of our creators and/or the needs of the whole community with Strategic Partner Managers and thus can convey creators’ ideas, concerns and feature requests to the platform product teams. (Un)fortunately our team has vast experience with retrieving kidnapped YouTube channels of our partners. We had to solve many crises with stolen channels and we are proud to say we have succeeded in every single case.
It is a common goal of us as a MCN and our partners to expand their monetization potential and improve their monthly revenue. Therefore we offer help with launching new monetization features on and even off the YouTube platform. This includes implementation of Memberships, Super Features but also new Brand Deal options, collaborations and content licensing.
Our team has a solid background in cinematography, animation, music production and other creative activities as well as IT and business projects. Therefore we can help you with content production issues, technical questions, business development etc. We have some equipment you can rent from us and also run studios you can use to produce your content.
Our team is always there for you on a personal level. We are used to meeting our partners (physically or virtually) and keep long-term relationships. This opens an opportunity for developing long-term strategies not only for the YouTube channels but also for overall growth of the influencer persona across platforms.
We have been successful in influencer marketing since 2013 and have worked with national and global brands, agencies and small businesses in promoting their products or conveying their messages to vast audiences. It means that our partners have benefited substantially and their revenue increased significantly. With hundreds of campaigns and thousands of posts published within these campaigns we are confident that we found the optimal ways to maximize our partners’ benefits while making the client happy with the result.
Besides having unlimited access to the Epidemic Sound library (for all social media platforms) our creators have an option to license additional content produced or managed by our sister companies. In addition to that we are also offering an opportunity to have your content translated or dubbed into different languages and reach new audiences.
Should your content become so vastly popular that many users start uploading it on YouTube, fear not, we have you covered. We have been providing many movie and music distributors and producers with Rights Management services on YouTube ever since the Content ID was made available to MCNs. Therefore we are able to protect your legitimate claims for revenue or traffic generated by unlicensed user uploads.

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